Where to get Remote Software Developer Job as a Fresher

5 sites to apply as a remote developer?

Now there are certain sites, there are certain forums that will help you to understand how to apply and where to apply? Here you will find some trusted websites and can help you to find your next job as a remote developer.

This is specifically for beginners, as well as freshers, who are just out of college, or who have one or two year of experience, and mostly for computer science students who are looking for job or internship in their next semester.

What is Remote developer job?

Now, the first thing is a remote developer job is quite different than an actual on-site job or even some freelancing gigs. In a remote development job, you have to follow your own discipline. And there are certain rules and regulations that you have to set for yourself.

So there are chances that not everyone will be suited for it. But if you are someone who has control over your discipline, and can implement self-learning yourself, then this is the right career for you. Now have a look at certain websites that will help you.


The first one is the “angellist“. This one is the most trusted, as well as most reliable to get your job as a remote developer, and even as an on-site developer. So if you are someone who wants to work with startups on the latest technologies, and even if you want to work with a well-funded startup that are using different techniques, different stacks, this is the right place to search for angel list is one of the most trusted website by developers as well as by companies.

So it’s pretty easy. All you have to do is just create your profile, upload your resume, you have to be quite regular for it. Before moving forward. I also want to talk about that you are not going to get your job in one week, or one day or one month. It’s a time-consuming process. And you never know what will be the final date.

So you have to be consistent regularly, you have to create a well-prepared resume according to the company you are applying. Also, you require some good projects, as well as you should have the skill, how to communicate during interviews, so it’s a long process that you will learn while applying to different jobs regularly.

There are students who usually apply to one or two jobs daily. There are some students who usually apply to three or four jobs daily, it totally depends on you whether you are consistent for applying to different companies.


The next website is “remoteok.io“. Now, this is a website, which is specifically designed for remote workers. And this website is growing quite fast. And it is reliable. Also, there are quite different projects. But the thing is you need to filter out countries while applying. Because there are some companies that only want developers from the USA. And there are certain companies that only want developers from India or any other country.

The main reason that you can think of is time, there are different timeframes that the company usually works. And the other thing is the language communication mode and quality of people they require. So you have to take care of this part, according to yourself.

Stack Overflow jobs

The next one is “StackO verflow jobs“, the Stack Overflow job section is growing pretty fast as all the jobs that are getting in the StackOverflow job section are quite well paid. So if you’re talking about a job in maybe LinkedIn, or angellist, you might find jobs for maybe $50,000.

But if you find StackOverflow companies, you will find jobs maybe 60 to $70,000. Usually, a well-funded startup tried to search job candidates on StackOverflow.

So that’s the main reason you find companies that are well funded and are ready to pay a good amount to you. So you have to consider this part.

So if you are someone who has good practice with your programming language, have different projects and have good communication skill, then I strongly suggest StackOverflow otherwise, it is really hard to crack interviews with StackOverflow.

Since companies are well funded, they are product based. Also, they are looking for a top-notch candidate. So you have to be pretty good to apply for jobs on StackOverflow.


The next one is weworkremotely.com, and that I strongly recommend is WWR that is we work remotely. So this is specific website for remote developers only. But there is a catch. If a company require developer they have to pay around $300 to search for the right candidate.

So think about it. If a company is paying $300 that means the company is really serious to hire a candidate. So if you are someone who is applying for a remote developer job, I strongly recommend to check WWR because if a company is paying then you have to understand that pretty serious.


Now the next one that I want to recommend is LinkedIn. Now, this platform has evolved really well before. for job seekers, as well as for companies, as a developer, if you want to grab good jobs on LinkedIn, you have to have a pretty good profile. Also, you need to impress others with your profile and portfolio.

The first thing you need to understand how the platform works, there is a block section, there is the job section, there is a connection section, there is a recommendation, there are groups. So you have to understand the platform Well, you have to understand your profile well before even applying. So once you have created your own profile, you are connected with different company HR.

Now the next part is you need to search for jobs. So all you have to do is just search for your job and start applying. Now here is a catch that I really wanted to talk about. And most people don’t even know that this trick exists. whatever job you are trying to apply to, just search about that term in a content manner.

Search for Python developer and then search for the content tab. So this will help you to understand different HR posts and different HR profile. And you can easily grab a new opportunity.

The second thing is you can search for hiring Python developers. So this will help you to grab all the posts from different company managers and HR, and even their employers that are hiring Python developers.

Don’t forget to add remote work if you’re applying for a remote developer job. Now, these were the top five platforms that I strongly recommend, and you can try them right now.

So if you’re someone who is a computer science student, if you’re someone who is a beginner or fresher, I strongly recommend to search about these websites. Now if you are a beginner and want to learn programming, I strongly recommend to read the below articles for free courses with free certification.

Free courses with free certification.

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