Visual Designer Job For 1-4 Year Exp In Cleartax Bengaluru / Bangalore, India – 3768630

At ClearTax, we’re passionate about building solutions that make finances easy. We offer services that help people
save taxes, simplify complex tax subjects, gain an edge in Indian financial markets, and more. If these types of projects excite you, we would love to have you join us.
The ClearTax Marketing Design Team is responsible for delivering collaterals on various platforms. Our team is growing rapidly, but we are committed to creating a tight-knit team environment that fosters trust, integrity, empathy, and growth. We work together in realizing a shared creative vision, and regularly give feedback and critique to each other.
Designing at ClearTax is a varied experience. On a given day, you might be: planning your works ahead planning for campaigns preparing volumes of designs in advance creating vector illustrations for a campaign designing to make complex content structures feel simple and/or advocating for experience and brand consistency.
Core Responsibilities:
Ideal candidates are an excellent and persuasive communicator, an aptitude for critical thinking and analysis, boundless creativity, a good visual aesthetic, and deep passion for learning on a daily basis.
. Visual design: As a designer, you will be involved at every stage of design work. You will help define early concepts, flesh out the high-level workflow, and execute on a crisp and effective visual design. You should have experience with some of the following tools: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Sketch, Figma, Invision.
. Illustration: You’ll create illustrations that meet quality standards under ambitious deadlines. Have good grip on how to use colors, graphics, type, and effects to better convey the design.
.Design research: Always be prepared with thorough research and present moodboards to get approvals and create the best designs.
. Partnering with writers: We work closely with the content team to realize our design ideas. You will treat writers as partners and collaborate with them to ship out best possible solutions.
. Awareness of how software interfaces are built: Familiarity with HTML and CSS is appreciated. You don’t need to be an expert -just fluent enough to collaborate with engineers, and know what’s possible with frontend technologies.
Resources and mentorship are available to designers who want to learn more.
Designers at ClearTax have great autonomy over their work, so a wide skill set is necessary.
What we value:
. An iterative design process: You validate your ideas early (with stakeholders and users) and are
thoughtful and intentional in seeking and responding to feedback. You move fast, listen, and adapt.
You rapidly incorporate feedback, and prioritize collaboration. You are adept at giving and receiving
. Collaboration and communication: You can build great relationships with writers, PMs, and other stakeholders and convey your design rationale to them. To reach these audiences, you will
communicate your designs through a variety of methods: presenting your wireframes, mockups,
sharing a design spec.
. Thoughtful, intentional work. You know that form informs function and usability that the surface
layer doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Your design decisions are often informed by and will influence engineering and business considerations.
. Dedication to the user. You will design solutions that change how people manage their taxes in
different contexts. You strive to understand our users an enterprise to a salaried employee and
fight to empower them.

  • Portfolio demonstrating solid understanding of design principles and illustrations
  • Experience in ad agencies and tech companies is preferred
  • Have a design degree.
  • Minimum of 1 year of experience is preferred for Junior Designers
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience is preferred for Mid-level Designers
  • 6+ years of experience is preferred for Senior Designers

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