How to add yourself to Google Search card ?

Create your people card

You can add yourself to Google Search card or Create your people card, and it is also a type of virtual Business Card which is Launched by Google.

This feature is called Add Me to the Search and it is also known as People Card, your profile can be found in the search, this is a very exciting feature because till now we could see that very popular personality or celebrity of this type of people Only in Google search but here Google has given us an opportunity to be who we are.

The information that we want to reflect, within our search, we will provide that information to Google and it will make a virtual card by creating a virtual card and reflecting us inside the search engine. So this is a very exciting feature. Within a very compact format, you can express yourself to the whole world.

First of all it is free of cost, but Google has made provision in the way that its feature can not be abused by anyone’s fake profiles. They have made the best-first on their behalf and they have been the most important thing so far, it has been launched only in India and it has started from India.

The important thing is that the feature is available now only for mobile users, You can create this only on mobiles, apart from this, you will get the opportunity to create only one profile from a mobile number and an gmail account.

What feature are available in Google search card?

The Goggle Search Card allows you to link your Social profiles, Here you can add your Facebook page or profile, Instagram I’d, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and SoundCloud for now. You can add also your avatar.

Google launched this feature for General or normal people. Google launched add me to search feature in India and it’s allows all to register their details such as Name, Social profile, work etc. Now You Can Show That What You Care About Most Including The Hobby.

If you want to make you famous on Google search engine or if you want that someone can able to find you on Google then this is a best option for you.

What you can add to Google Search Card ?

You can add your Name which you want to appear in search result on Google. Next you can add your location, which location you want to publish you can add. Then you have to write about yourself maximum 350 words, Then the next step is to add about your occupation and you will see the next field is to enter about your Education, After above all there is an another field which is asking you about your Home town, you can enter your home town address, Then it’s time to add your social profiles like Facebook,  Instagram,  Twitter,  LinkedIn,  Youtube, Soundcloud and pinterest. After successfully linking your social profiles you can add about your work and then the next field is to link your website, if you have any website you can add easily tou your Google search card, and remember you can link only one website to your Google search card profile. And the last two fields are asking about your email address and phone number if you want to add your contact details you can add easily.

How you can create your Google Search  card?

Just follow the bellow easy steps to create your Google search card or Google people card.

Step 1 : First of all open and search for add me to search on your mobile browser only.
Note: It works only on mobile browser for now.

Google Search card

Step 2 : After searching you can see Add yourself to Google Search.

Step 3 : Now click on Get started.

Step 4 : Now login with your gmail address or if already loged in then you can choose your gmail address, which you want to create. Google will pick up the same name in your account.

Step 5 : Next enter your phone number and very it, if you will see a popup to verify your phone number.

add me to google search

Step 6 : Now it’s time to fill up all required fields. You can put your location here, after entering the location, you can now put whatever your hobbies are in here. Can do whatever you like, whatever you do , you can put your work , wherever you work, you can put the name of the company . You can put hometown , you can insert your website , Googleb has given many options which we can use like, Facebook, Instagram, pintrest, SoundCloud, Twitter and YouTube also, so here you can email all your social profiles,

You can enter your email and phone number here, you can do all this things, in the last it is all the Mandatory Fields and you have to give it to everyone else. If you do not want to share do not do it’s OK, then your location and occupation.

After this, if you click on the review, then you will see a preview and then the submission will take place, but keep in mind one thing that you can create only one profile, one public card from one mobile number and one account, Google has made a very good provision in it so that no one can create someone’s fake profile. it will be disabled. Google has a very strict policy in it.

add me to google search

Step 7 : After finishing all click on Preview button. 

All finished,  it will take some time to publish you and your details on Google search engine.  After it successfully published you can see you or your details on Google by searching your name.

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