100+ free online courses with free certificates during lockdown

100+ Best free online courses with free certificates during lockdown

There are 100+ Best free online courses with free certificates during lockdown and yes anyone can do these free course. And any of you can learn from it.

The eligibility criteria

Anyone can enrol and anyone can study here, And 100+ free courses are availabe for absolutly free. You do not need to pay a single rupee of any kind here, so you do not have to take any stress on it and you may get a job if you show it’s certificate somewhere, Yes, here you will get free certificate too, If you attach this certificate with your resume, you will get a lot of help in getting a job,

where will you find these 100+ free online courses with free certificates

You will have to visit greatlearning.in to enrol 100+ Best free online courses with free certificates during lockdown. greatlearning.in is a great learning platform where you will get all these courses, You not only get the courses here but also AICTE Approved free certificates, after that you can go to their live session.

You should definitely take benefit from it and you will enjoy the important things, you will find here courses in Hindi language too. You can enroll with your Gmail ID as soon as you signup successfully,

Here you will get all these courses for free, if you are a computer science student you can pick up any basic level programming language, start studying from it. Don’t get started on direct and machine learning, you will find more courses on their website.

So it is free but still I would like to tell you that you do not take too much light on it, because if you search outside on AI and machine learning courses on internet you have to pay lot of money but there are more than that, All these things will be done absolutely free at greatlearning.in, so you are saving your money, the most important thing is that you are getting all these things for free, so pick up the benefits from it.

The lockdown is running, so it is available for free for now and their live sessions are also happening very much, you should pick up the maximum benefit right now as much as possible. Pick up the platform right now.

You can go to their app and You can search all the reports and you can also offline the videos here, so they have also given the feature. You can do all the things of your own choice, sit anywhere, you can study here, every time you do not need a computer. You will be able to do videos offline. The benefit is that you are getting all the things for free for now, according to me you should start now.



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