Data Science vs Software Engineer Which Career Path Is Right For You?

Data Science vs Software Engineer

Netflix has analyzed their data, and they know what you like, They know what people like.

Here, data science vs software engineering, what the differences are between these two career options, how you can pursue each of them. And which one makes the most money.

What is data science?

What is data science? data science is basically a field where you’re trying to understand the data, If you look at your everyday usage of the famous internet platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Amazon, you generate a lot of data while surfing these platforms, So data science is a field where these data scientists actually dive into that data and try to make sense of it. And try to gain some actionable insights from that knowledge.

So let’s example, you’re trying to buy a phone on Amazon. And Amazon will tell you that people who bought this phone also bought this cover. Or they also bought these things together, or they also looked at these other phones. So all those suggestions and recommendations are made possible with the help of data science to Big Data basically means there’s a ton of data and the data scientist’s job is to make sense of that data and gain actionable insights are made to take business decisions.

Difference between the job of a data scientist and software engineer?

So now what is the difference between the job of a data scientist and software engineer? So if you look at Netflix as a platform, right, once you log into Netflix, you will see all these recommendations on your homepage saying this is what you should watch next. All the millions of people around the world are watching Netflix to Netflix has analyzed their data, and they know what you like. They know what people like you are more likely to watch. And according to that, they will show you recommendations.

So you will almost always find that the shows on your homepage will be something that you like, and will be something that you’re interested to watch, all this is possible because the data scientists have analyzed the ton of data that they have collected from around the world. And using that data, they have gained some insights with which they’re giving you these recommendations.

So giving those recommendations is the job of data scientists, but the app itself. Netflix web app on your web browser or your Netflix mobile app. The apps are built by software engineers, so apps as well as Netflix servers, and you know all their systems that are powering your video. Those things are built by software engineers, but the recommendations part is built by the data scientists and the data teams. I hope that makes it more clear about the difference between the job of a data scientist and a software engineer.

Salary for a data scientist

The next thing you most interested in the salaries. So according to Glassdoor, the average salary for a data scientist is higher than that of a software engineer, which is fair because data science, in general, is a more specialized field, if you may, data science requires you to have certain specialized skills, the ones that you can learn on data camp, or you have to do something like a Master’s or Ph.D. you know, to become an authority to be able to get these data science jobs. Data scientists, on average make more money than software engineers, but let’s look at some real numbers.

So if you look at data scientists Alvin India, according to Glassdoor, the average base pay is nine lakh and you can see around different companies, which are from 6, 10,13, 14 lakhs, this I would say is the average salary for data scientists and when you look at software engineers, the average salary is shown as 6 to 10 lakh. So, you can see that there are some variations therefrom company to company, and depending on your job.

The average salaries of data scientists are higher than software engineers. And there are a lot of reasons for that, Because the number of jobs available for data science is much lesser than the number of jobs available for software engineers. So one of the reasons and the other reason is that software engineer salaries can be highly skewed, If you’re in India, you know that some of these worst companies that I never recommend you join the service companies of India, they pay you very low, so they pay something like three, four lakhs.

So, because of that, the average is skewed down. So the average pay for software engineers would be dragged down by these companies. But I would definitely say software engineers make a very good amount of salaries. And if you get into product companies, and you’re talented, then your salaries can be as good if not better than the data scientists’ salaries.


And apart from that, the number of job openings, that data scientists will have fewer job openings than software engineers. First of all, most startups don’t need data scientists because they don’t have that scale. And they don’t have that kind of data to make any sense of it. But the big companies do hire data scientists left and right. If you look at the composition of these companies, if you look at ratios, I would say around eight out of 10 people would be software engineers, and the remaining two will be data scientists just because the company needs more software engineers than data scientists.

So the number of job openings is lesser. So the competition to get these jobs is slightly higher. That’s why you would often see people who pursue their master’s degree or Ph.D. to get into data science.

What skills required ?

So now let’s talk know the skills required. What about data science, the skills required would be basic programming skills with Python or R and SQL, because you’ll be working with a lot of data.

And the main skill would be I would say math and statistics. Because at the core of it, data science is a math problem and statistics, these senior famous data scientists have done their Masters and Ph.D. and they are statisticians. And they’re not professionals. And like I said, data science is a very specialized field.

So you need to get this specialized knowledge and data camp can help you gain the specialized knowledge at the comfort of your home.

What career option is best for you?

What career option is best for you? all comes down to personal preference, one good thing is, that, they’re both very integral fields of the tech industry in general. So it wouldn’t be that hard for you to switch, from software engineering to data science or from data science to software engineering.

You will have to learn a few more skills, but your experience on either side will come in handy for the other side as well. Definitely, data science is a great career option for you.

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