Brand Manager Job For 5-6 Year Exp In Cleartax Bengaluru / Bangalore, India – 3768597

Brand Marketing Manager – Job Description
(B2B: CA, SMB & Enterprise)
Our aim is to delight our customers with simplicity, accuracy and getting rid of the notion that taxes are complex. We are abuzz with the start-up energy, steeply growing and have a clear path carved out for us with the digitization movement in India. Looking for talented like-minded folks to join our mission in simplifying taxes for Indians.
Strong Brand Marketing professional with experience in branding, campaigns, activation and communication. IIT/IIM graduate with 5-6yrs of experience.
Job Description
Own the marketing charter for the business and help them achieve their targets through various marketing initiatives. Become the brand custodian and drive the brand strategy for respective audience segments.
Your Goals here would be:

  1. Establish Brand Presence:Increase TOMA & SPONT recall, maximize brand SOV in the market. Develop brand awareness and establish brand promise in respective segments through thought leadership and consistent communication.
  2. Dominate Market Share:Craft long term strategic initiatives to increase market share in each segment, along with business & product support.
  3. Drive Business Targets:Deliver high-quality leads and improve conversions to enable business targets of MAU through acquisition and retention.

And spelling out the Key Responsibilities:

  1. Derive Audience Insights:Identify and study specificaudiencesegments and keep a tab on their pulse, gauge their reaction to our campaigns, understand their needs and barriers to adapt, to draw further campaign insights.
  2. Craft Meaningful Value Props:Work with product and business teams to identify key product offerings, audience needs, competition, and market insights. Conduct or commission market research and arrive at a meaningful value proposition for key launches.
  3. GTM Strategy:Create go to market strategy for various launches by identifying the TG, value props, segmentation, positioning, choosing the optimum marketing channels, and coming up with a simple yet effective communication plan.
  4. Marketing Campaign Planning & Execution:Basis various business objectives, suggest and device Integrated Marketing Campaigns with each media channel owner. Own IMC and create a detailed plan with various stakeholders and collaborate with them to drive the campaign successfully within timelines.
  5. Creative Brief & Communication: Brief creative and content teams on all campaign and communication requirements, and drive the creative ideation process to arrive at clear and impactful communication ideas for the TG. Ensure all the channel and creative teams align on the idea and work towards unified communication for your campaign.
  6. Communication Assets:Ensure that the brand guidelines are adhered to in campaigns and in all communication channels through designers, animators, and copywriters. Ensure the accuracy of marketing materials and formally sign off if necessary.
  7. Marketing Events & Partnerships: Identify opportunities to partner wrt ad placements, event sponsorship, affiliates, webinars, speaker engagements, etc. with relevant entities to utilize non-linear channels of marketing and business growth. Keep abreast of current trends in marketing and any new experiments that we can do.
  8. Improve Conversions: Own the audience journey for both organic and inorganic channels and hold respective media channel owners responsible to fix the gaps and improve conversion rates at each step in the funnel.
  9. Reporting & Insights:Ensure regular campaign reporting and monitoring at daily, weekly and monthly levels for the various reports. Drive all the teams to support you with regular campaign results, including analysis and evaluation of KPIs. Maintain regular measurement of the ROI of campaigns, analyze data and draw learning insights from the campaigns.
  10. Agency Management:Identify and engage with external agency partners as per the requirement to drive various activities – brand campaigns, events, content writing, influencers, digital marketing, video creation etc.
  11. Quarter & Financial Year Plans:Create long term strategies and Financial year plans for your respective categories basis product roadmap and business initiatives.
  12. Budget Management:Manage marketing budget for your respective category, keeping the business team in confidence and decide between brand awareness vs. performance marketing spends, with necessary approvals. Track all the performance, spends and prevent any overspends.

Good to have:

  1. Passion for creating value for customers.
  2. Excellent communication skills
  3. Easily manage cross-functional teams & strong stakeholder management
  4. Good planning and time management skills
  5. Able to navigate through uncertainties and keeps up with the company’s fast-paced growth
  6. Ability to lead and mentor team members

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