Being a Remote Developer – Pros and Cons of Working Remotely

Being a Remote Developer – Understanding Pros and Cons of Working Remotely

Here, you will know the pros and cons of being a remote developer. Here you will know.

  • The perspective of the company why they are hiring remote developers.
  • And the second one is, which is our main topic, the advantages, and the disadvantages.

The growth of remote developers is increasing year by year. If you compare the data from 2018 to 19 to 20, you will realize the number of positions from different companies, as well as the number of applicants are increasing year by year.

Even the freshers from college are more interested towards remote development. And there are a few reasons that need to be considered from both sides.

From a company’s perspective, as well as from a developer’s perspective.

The perspective of the company why they are hiring remote developers.

Let’s consider this from company’s perspective.

Let us understand few major points. The first one is office space, you can see and analyze, the rent of offices are quite high in certain cities. So if you think about companies perspective, you are going to hire 20 developers 10 are on site and 10 are remote developers, you are going to save a lot of space for these 10 developers, and which is a major amount in a big city.

The second thing is you don’t have to give them certain bonuses, folks, as well as lunch. So there are a lot of other benefits that you don’t have to deliver as a company to a developer, even you don’t have to provide your internet connection, because a developer or remote developer is going to have its own connection. So these are some other major part.

The third thing is you can have your workforce from all over the world. Think of a startup in us maybe a Silicon Valley startup or maybe from any other location. You don’t have to pick developers in that particular position. You can now have remote developers from India, maybe Brazil, maybe any other part of the world where the currency difference is major. If you are going to hire a new fresh developers, you might have to spend maybe 70, to $100,000.

But if you’re going to hire the same quality developers from other countries like India, you’re going to have a base salary of maybe few 15 to $20,000, which is going to be equal in both state.

Now, this reason is quite big in terms of companies’ perspective, head, you have to spend over $100,000 for a developer and the same quality of developers you can get for some 20 to $25,000. So this is some major gap that is now explored by the company.

And that is the reason companies are now hiring different remote developers from different parts of the world. And this is working pretty fine for them.

Advantages as well as the disadvantages of being a remote developer

Now let us talk about the second part which is the advantages as well as the disadvantages of being a remote developer. The first direct advantage of being a remote developer that you can think of is time flexibility.

So there are chances that you are working from other parts of the world, and you have full flexibility to choose your timezone at what time you need to work and you have eight hours or nine hours of work, chances are you can start your work from morning 7 am.

And you can complete everything by 3pm. And that’s it, you have your time for other things you can do your side project, your side hustle, maybe you need to hit gym, or maybe you have some any other activities, you can balance your work as well as life quite well.

So this is some major advantage. You can have your flexible timing. Some people start some developers start their timing from morning 5am. And by afternoon one, they are free, they are free from their work. And then they do side hustle or maybe their side project.

So this is something interesting. There are developers who are using this advantage to learn certain new skills. And there are developers who find their new passion for gaming streaming, or maybe some outdoor activity. So this is quite interesting to explore.

The next direct advantage I can think of is traffic. Since you are working as a remote developer, you are working from your home, you don’t have to travel much in this current situation where traffic is growing in every part of the world. This point can be considered for many developers who are leaving their job and working as a remote developer.

There are certain users certain people who are traveling approx one hour daily from their home to developer job daily, one time one way so you can understand that they are spending approx one or two hours daily just to travel to their work location.

So traffic can be considered as one of the major advantage why people are considering as remote developer position. So the third major advantage that you can think of as a remote developer is your own working environment.

So if you’re working as a remote developer, you have a lot of flexibility here, you can choose your gadgets, you can choose your setup, you can choose your furniture, and even the environment in which you are sitting. So this one is a small example, but can play a crucial role if you’re working for two or three years continuously as a remote developers.

After that, if you try to switch back to your normal job your normal life, it is going to be hard because you are now utilizing certain things, which is not accessible to different companies.

So there are chances that if you’re working with five or any other top companies, you get this priority. But if you are working with any other product based companies or service based companies, you are not going to get your own custom setup according to your requirement, it will be according to company’s requirement. So this one is a small advantage, but you can consider it. The fourth one is your saving. So clothing as well as transportation.

I know this might sound silly, but if you think of a year long expense over clothing, as well as transportation, this is going to be a lot of money. Think about spending money over cabs, as well as different clothing style for your offices. So this one is a small advantage, but should be considered if you are thinking of switching from developer to remote developer or vice versa. Now let us quickly talk about disadvantages.

So if you are a remote developer, even if you are a fresher remote developer, your problem with meetings is going to be big one, if you are someone who is working as a remote, and there are other people who are working as in house developers, your connection with them is going to be a problem. As well as if you are attending any meeting, there are chances that you might miss certain points.

Because a meeting can be a 15 minute, but there are other talks that happen after meeting or before the meeting, you’re going to miss that point. And there are chances that you are going to miss the reference to these small talks.

So these small talks are quite important. So if you’re working as a remote developer, you are going to miss this point, if you’re connecting with a person face to face, and if you are connecting with them on Skype, or maybe on a text messaging, it’s quite different. So you have to understand this point and it plays a crucial role for some people to not consider remote development job.

The next point is a distraction. So now there is no one looking at you now there is no one that is speaking at you, checking what you are doing and certain other things. So you are free on your own and you have certain deadlines on your own, you have to follow discipline on your own.

So you have to follow a discipline on your own, like you usually do with exams. With this current world of internet and connectivity, distractions are a big problem. And you need to face on your own, this problem is not going to be controlled by the world.

But this is your own control over your mind, how long how well you can stay disciplined throughout your work journey. The next and most important point is your base salary. So, if you are considering your base salary comparing with other employees, it is going to below.

If I talk about base salary for a student in Silicon Valley, it might be 80 k 200 k, but if I talk about the same base salary in India, it will be quite low maybe 20,000 max. So you have to understand this particular point, but you have to also consider your currency exchange difference and how you are going to spend hundred Ks a decent amount in us as well as 20 Ks decent amount in India. So this is something really important that needs to be considered.

Now the next biggest point and the biggest disadvantage is physical interaction. This particular point is the reason that most of the developers work full time and they prefer on site job.

The reason is, when you are working as a remote developer, you are not going to interact with anyone, you are not going to network with any new member in the community physically, you will be interacted everyone online, maybe it’s StackOverflow maybe in some groups, maybe even with your colleagues you will be interacted on slack and you have no other information about them.

So this is something which can be taken as advantage and disadvantage depend on person to person. But this point is the important point to consider. And most of the developers Try to work full time on site.

Because of this point, I suppose if you come from a background where you don’t have many friends, you don’t have college friend or school friend, then you are going to live alone and which is quite scary if you think about,

And even if you need to talk with someone, you cannot have a personal conversation, you can have a conversation regarding your programming skill, you have any doubt or they have any doubt.

But they are not going to have a personal and even physical interaction, which is quite a serious matter for a long term of point. And if you have a background, you have school friends, you have college friends, then this point is not a big issue. But if you come from a background where you don’t have many friends in school, as well as in college, then this is a serious problem.

Think about you’re not going to have interaction with someone for next seven days, how it is going to feel like so this one is actually a serious point. And you should consider it before finalizing any decision or an on site job or a remote developer job.

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