6 tips before applying for any programming job

6 tips before applying for any programming job

The 6 tips before you applying for any programming job. The mistakes that you should not make while applying for any job. And these mistakes are these tips will always help you wherever you apply. These are going to be like the most important points that you should always keep in mind.

Always do research

Number one is, always do research. A lot of people just apply whenever they see the vacancy. And that’s the starting point when you are not going to get a job. First and foremost, do the research about the job, what is the job, If a company hiring for Web Development, that means, if you are an Android developer or iOS, that’s not a particular position for this. Also, do the research about the person or the company wherever you want to work. If you follow the same passion, what the company is doing and you also share the same passion, then only apply for that it will be super helpful when you will be facing the interview because the interviewer always expects that you know about his company that always gives a good feeling.

So make sure that you do it doesn’t really take much of the time, probably just 10 minutes or 15 minutes to read about the company to read about the persons that are working in the company or handling the company. So first and foremost, do your research.

Make sure that you are good in following the instruction

Number two, make sure that you are good in following the instruction. Whenever somebody says that, hey, the subject line should be exactly like this or you have to apply on this email id. This is not to check or for any internal tools or anything like that, that we are picking up only the subject line. These are made so that we can understand that you are good in following the instruction.

If a person is not good in following the instruction at even the initial phase, obviously, it’s a good indication and good sign that he is not going to be following the instruction later on as well. So these are like always a topmost point that how good a person is following the instruction later on.

Let’s, if someone gives you an assignment. And you are not good in following the instruction. What’s the point of hiring you? So make sure you are absolutely good and listen very closely, whatever the instructions are being given to you, and you follow them. Some people personally, applied exactly at the same instruction and when the task was assigned to them. Don’t send the only reply in the email that, yes, I’m interested. But no, this is not a good sign that you’re following the instruction. Yes, obviously you have applied and you are interested in the job, but you haven’t followed the instruction. For example, If someone asked that you have to design this application and submit this information. Some of them just replied, Yes, I’m interested, this obviously makes them clear that you are not good in following the instructions. Or maybe you’re just ignoring that. Don’t forget to check out How To Get Data Science Jobs For Freshers.

Do not send your entire project

Tip number three, do not send your entire project. Nobody has time to see and go through with your entire project. lot of people send just the entire APK, five or six APKs to just check them out. No, this is not how the thing works. And obviously, nobody’s going to install that APK because, in the companies, there is a lot of work going on. And everybody’s concerned about their security as well. So nobody is going to install any random APK being sent on the email, of course, most of the people. So that is why everybody is asking about the GitHub profile. So never send the entire project.

First and foremost, nobody has got time to check that our code there. And also secondly, nobody is going to install any random APK on his or her phone. So make sure you don’t send the entire project instead, send the link of GitHub, Bitbucket, or anything like that, where people can see the actual code and can rely on that.

Do not apply on behalf of any friend

Number four, Now, this was a unique case where a person was applying on behalf of his friend. Now, this was a very unique case. And obviously companies ignored that completely. But this is not a good sign if a person is not having enough time, even to apply for a job and asking his friend to apply on behalf of it. That’s not a good sign. And obviously, Companies ignore that. So please don’t do that. May be some people do that. But this is very rare case and please don’t do that.

Please don’t send any video clips

Number five, the next thing that please don’t send any video clips until and unless it’s being asked. videos are an amazing way. But when you’re applying for any job having nobody’s going to watch your video because people have a mindset that we are expecting this particular thing in the email and they are usually trained are looking forward to that information only. Yes, videos are a good way of having a conversation. But first ask whether you require a video or not, and then only send the video.

Don’t try to act over smart

Number six, Don’t try to act over smart, Maybe you are awesomely smart, you have an amazing IQ. But sending an empty GitHub repository is not gonna work. If someone send the GitHub link, and their GitHub repository is empty. Now, I’m not saying that you did it intentionally. Somehow I believe that you didn’t know that how to upload your code file into that repository. So make sure you don’t do that. That’s really a bad sign, sending an empty GitHub repository for a job profile. I think that’s the bad move. Don’t forget to check out Best free data science courses for free with certificate.

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