5 Best Ways to Find a Job in Germany

5 Best Ways to Find a Job in Germany

So many students and not even students like sometimes professionals, like professionals in the sense that they have worked for a few years somewhere. And trying to apply for a job in a German company, and it isn’t working out. Here the five different ways will help you to find a job in Germany.

Job portals

The first one is the job portals like this is pretty much a no-brainer that you can go sign up for some job portals and then you can apply for jobs in different listings with your documents and so on.


The second one would be LinkedIn. Now LinkedIn is something which always different than job portals because it’s not about like job listings, you can get the job listings there too. It’s social media networking.

So it’s also a social media website where you can come in contact with professionals and LinkedIn is a very crucial part of the process of finding these different professionals who are really meeting our needs.

You can use LinkedIn as somehow when you try to contact the personnel before. So like many times, you would generally underestimate the number of people who would be willing to help you out when you’re just on these kind of platforms on LinkedIn, like, you will find so many nice people who will be willing to give you their time, sometimes they are even ready that you call them and you ask them whatever questions you have, which is, of course, very nice.

Many times, you will be in touch with some kind of CEOs, some co-founders, I mean, many times, these are also smaller companies, they are very open to sharing, like, you know, it is very important for them because students do have better respect here, if they know that you’re working, or like you’re studying in a university, they do respect you more and they will treat you with respect as and like, they will give you their time. So use LinkedIn in that way to connect with more people and ask them whatever, well, career questions you can have on so on, this is definitely a very important platform to use.

Going to universities

The third is, generally you can use to find companies is going to universities website and seeing what kind of collaboration they have with different companies.

So the most important thing here to understand is, if there is a company, which is already listed on some kind of University’s website, you could already see that there are more open to collaborations with their universities. So like you being a student, if you want to approach them for a job, or if you want to just come in contact with them for some kind of collaboration, or like some kind of internship and so on, it is going to be very, very helpful for you, they’re going to be warmer like you talk about like cold, cold leads and warm leads. So like in that case, like they are going to be warmer to you and like they’re going to treat you with more consideration.

Find a company

The fourth way to find a company is to go through the list of attendees are in any kind of conference or any kind of meeting. So I don’t think like meetings list will be like very public, but the conference list is like generally public and they also have the conference proceedings afterward. So like, you know, most of the time if anybody presented any kind of paper inside, so you would have their contact details.

You would have like, from what kind of company this person came from. And this is also the way I got my first internship in Germany. And like that was absolute insanity, because I was not expecting that I was applying to general job portals. And I was just getting rejections after rejections, which was sad. So I use this technique, I just went through a research paper saw person, just search him on Google, and came to the company wrote to him about the research paper, and so on. And afterwards, like the whole conversation, went towards internship and got the internship.

So this is also a very important way if you have any kind of conference or left you to see there’s a conference going on. And if you couldn’t find one, just go to Google, just search for one, right. And you will definitely find a good number of less or like a good number of conferences there. And then you can just swipe up and not swipe up, I’m just like getting these Instagram lives. But yeah, you can just go through those links and find the list of attendees.

Getting the company list

Now the fifth very important technique that I think is very important for you to find is getting the company list and some kind of association. So like many a times, if you’re in the civil engineering field, then you would be able to find some kind of like different civil engineering Association, foundation engineering Association, bridge engineering associations. So just go to those associations see what kind of like companies are listed, or what kind of companies are mentioned somewhere.

And then you can start all of the processes from there. So like, you can say, Hey, I’m a very avid reader of this, and this associations blog, or like a page or so on, and I saw your reference there. And then I checked your work, it was very interesting. And this and this, and this, these are my qualification, this is what I’ve done. And I was wondering if it would be possible for me to find a job and your company for this and disregard it.

And rather than not even jumped to the job at the first place, and just initiate some kind of like initial conversation with some kind of company member who is maybe at the same level as you are and the previous company, right, or, like, if you’re a student, then you can just start with the internship coordinator, or like the student coordinator, that is also possible. For me, it was like very nice, because I could start the entire conversation with the CEO directly, but just by absolute insanity. But this is the thing, like you can just try these different things.

And you can just figure out what works for you. Now, many times a few Do not try anything at all. And if you’re just like sending your applications to like, I don’t know, these job portals, like indeed, or step stones and stuff, and then you’re complaining that you couldn’t find a job, then of course, you couldn’t find the job because they’re like thousands and thousands of other people who are also applying for the same jobs, I wouldn’t trust on them.

And sometimes these forums like Stack Overflow, like, companies hire people from here to select, just get creative, like whatever you’re trying to do, you know, think of different ways and think of more personal face to like approach people. And these are something which will always work.

And also like, if you’re in Germany, I’m telling you, learning German is absolutely necessary. There is no alternative to that. And you know, if you can learn German in your own city, that’s the best. Of course, that is very nice.

But you shouldn’t be compromising on the quality of German language experience that you’re gaining, right. So I think it’s rather difficult to expect, like non native speakers to tell you the exact pronunciations because it is always very difficult. And even if you as a teacher, try your best, there will always be some kind of like difference, right. And this is also the reasons I recommend students Michaels online course.

And this is like a complete course a one to be one. And you can just start from absolute zero. Like even if you have no German proficiency whatsoever, you enroll in the course. And then it’s also like more affordable. If you go to some decent language Institutes for learning German in India, you would be paying like, I don’t know, 23,000 rupees for each level.

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