How to get your first digital marketing job, even if you don’t have any experience.

The most popular entry-level digital marketing job is social media coordinator, it’s a great way to get your foot into the industry. And it really can showcase your skills. If you are really smart and effective at social media to help you get really far in your career very quickly. If you’re saying, Well, that great. Here are the top three tips.


Number one, volunteer. Now to get that first social media job. volunteering for a nonprofit for a charity that’s looking for some social media help is a fantastic way, you’re just looking for an example to speak to in an interview setting, that you know how to not only use social media, you know the basics of posting the different platforms. That’s fantastic.

But what people really want to see when they’re hiring digital marketers is that you know how to target an audience, how to convert them how to do competitor research, they want to know that you can think critically, that critical thinking will get you a job, and will get you very far in your career very quickly.

Now, nonprofits and charities are a great way to get your foot in the door, you can volunteer for an upcoming event to do some promotion posts, you could do something more on a long term basis for a few months, you can do a seasonal campaign, you can go and reach out and find what opportunities are there.

But you know, they’re also businesses that they might not have the time or resources to have someone full time handling social media. So think of any small businesses or startup in your city or town that you think that would be a great opportunity to get some social media experience, whether it’s something kind of seasonally or on a longer-term basis than you could have even more examples to speak to in an interview setting.


Ntworking. I am really big on networking because I think it’s very powerful. It has helped me along the lines more than I could even speak to it’s helped me find mentors, job opportunities, and even friends it’s a great thing to do. So I highly encourage you to get out and network and whether that is in a chamber of commerce event, Rotary Club, Toastmasters, any kind of tech group. There are a lot of business different networking groups.

These are fantastic. Now the key here is if you’re Going to these networking events, and you’re really being courageous and ambitious, you know, shaking hands spreading ideas, showing that you’re a very ambitious, hard-working person. Now, why this is especially important is digital marketing, digital marketing, not marketing is a somewhat new and dynamic field.

So people are still grappling with how to hire the right kinds of people. They don’t necessarily look for a degree, or certificate, they look for ideas. So you can go to networking events, and really make it clear that you have great ideas, fresh ideas, new things that you can really contribute to a strategy of a company, that will go a long way.

Once you get out there, and you’re networking. When you’re ready to go for a full-time digital marketing role, you can reach out to these connections, and there’s a great chance they’ll hire you because they know you’re hardworking, you’re ambitious, and you’re full of really smart ideas that will get you hired, not necessarily just having a certificate on a resume.

Bring ideas

Bring ideas. And digital marketing is no different. If you’re interviewing for a social media coordinator job talk about what you could improve with their social media.

How could you improve their Twitter to get more engagement? Do you think they could be leveraging Instagram in a different way through Instagram stories, bring practical examples of what you could do, and the benefit it would have for the company? This will impress anyone.

And it shows you’ve done your research, you know the brand, you know their target audience, you know, their competitors. And that strategy, that critical thinking is impressive. And that is the kind of people that companies look for.

So even though you might not have any formal social media experience, if you really take your time, do research to commit to these fantastic ideas that will improve a brand and even get you that job in an interview setting. That is how you get your foot in the door and how you become a very successful digital marketer.

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